Prophets: Jesus

We have been studying prophets in the Bible and their role and purpose in the Scriptures. We started at the beginning, with Abraham and have worked our way through the many different characters and roles prophets have played throughout history. This time we will conclude our study with the ultimate prophet who we’ve been waiting…

Prophets: The Major Prophets

When most people think of prophets, they think of what we call the major prophets. Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are common perceptions of prophets. Most people think that these prophets predicted events that happened in the future and they take up a big chunk of the Old Testament in our Bibles. To some,

Prophets: Judges, Speakers, and Miracles

Now that we have talked about Abraham and Moses, the first and great prophets, we can move on into more prophets of the Bible. These prophets appear in many forms and we start to see a greater role that these prophets play through the middle of the Hebrew Bible. Let’s continue our study. 

Prophets: Origin and Mission

As we enter our study of the prophets, it is important that we clear our minds of any known conceptions we have about biblical prophets. Although we may know some things about prophets, these can get in the way of understanding new information we may discover through this study. We are going to start at…

Weekly Message- Jonah Ch.1

Jonah Background:  793-753 B.C.  The name Jonah means “dove” and this book is one of the only prophets that does not have to do with Israel or Judah. This prophetic book is about a great city called Nineveh and they were enemies of Israel.  Chapter 1 1:1-3 Nineveh was an enemy city of Israel so…

The Story of the Bible (Minor Prophets)

The books of the Bible known as the “minor prophets” are probably the least known about books by most Christians in the entire Bible. They are shorter books of the Bible made up of confusing poetry and imagery and seem pointless to most readers. When we actually take a look at these books in their…

The Story of The Bible (Major Prophets & Daniel)

We have concluded the historical period of the kingdom of Israel and now we will go on into the prophets and discuss their significance in the Bible. There are three “major” prophets in the Bible, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel and we will cover them in this article. Let’s dig in.