If you have questions about the Bible, please ask it here and I will respond (the best I can) as soon as possible. Thank you for your comments and questions!

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  1. l says:

    How did Noah fit 2 of every species on the Ark?

    1. basicsoffaith says:

      Noah fit 2 of every “kind” of animal on the ark (Genesis 6:20) NKJV. Not every “species”. It is most likely that Noah took with him “genus” on the ark. Genus is a more generic classification for the animals that were on the ark. Eventually the cross-breading of animals led to more “species” of those “genera” animals after the flood. Therefore with less animals on the ark there would be more room for them, food, and supplies.

      1. L says:

        Ok. Thanks!

  2. cap says:

    When did we receive the Bible in book form as we know it?

    1. basicsoffaith says:

      First off, I would like to say thank you for your appreciation and willingness to learn about God’s word, it is inspiring and encouraging to me. This is an intriguing question, and ‘m happy to answer it. If we look back in history beyond all the different versions that we have and even beyond the original King James we find the origin of the Bible. It started around 1400 B.C. when Moses received God’s first Word, about creation, the Commandments, and so forth. Then, about 900 years later (500 B.C.) the Hebrew Manuscripts of the Old Testament was complete. And just 500 years later, in the 1st century A.D., the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament was complete. Great now we have both manuscripts, but when were they put into book form? Well, many years passed in which tons of bibles were hand-written and printed but did not contain the 66 books we have today. Most of them included what was called the Apocrypha. Which differed between 72 books and 80. In 1611 though, the King James bible was printed with the Apocrypha. It wasn’t until 1885 when it was removed. So, basically 1885 is when we had our first Bible in book form as we know it.

  3. cap says:

    Thank you for your quick responds.Yesterday I hear a commit How we may be the last generation to know the books of the bible. Do to so many of the Christians are turning to electronic Bible. ( phones,ipads exs. So for many years we where without the Book form. 1885. The Bible has a long history.With your information I do believe the books of the bible will survive. With God help. and the desire of the Christian.thanks

    1. basicsoffaith says:

      Absolutely. As I mentioned before, 1885 was not the first time the world had saw a bible in book form. There were many in history before that but all included the Apocrypha. I do enjoy sometimes the electronic bible….but everything is to be used in moderation.

  4. cap says:

    Thank you I put website in favorite

  5. cap says:

    I heard a theory tonight.Before the flood there was no seasons. And that is why God destroyed Dinosaurs not as much tropic

    1. basicsoffaith says:

      I agree with that theory 100% and heres why. There was no need for seasons when the earth was created because God watered the earth with a mist that rose up from the earth (Gen. 2:6). Most dinosaurs needed tropical regions to survive. Once the flood came it wiped out almost all the dinosaurs. But the ones who survived on the ark could not adapt to the new environment, because of climate change which varied from place to place. Which caused their extinction. So yes, that is a very good theory.

  6. cap says:

    Thank you . makes sense

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