Purpose Of This Site

The purpose of this site is to get readers engaged in their faith and to think deeper about their faith. The title of this site “Faith Foundations” is a clear thought of what this whole site is about. Building a foundation of faith. The articles and poems are all subjects that help build a stronger faith and a closer relationship to God. To build a foundation we must first start with the basic ideas and principles that sometimes a lot of us tend to stray away from, but they are just as important as the deeper topics that we may study. This site will help you realize that what we consider “small sins” aren’t very small in the eyes of God. Remember, there are no small and big sins. (James 2:10). Please feel free to comment on any post. I would love to hear your feedback.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. cap says:

    This is the reason God blessed us with the computers. Thank you for taking advantage of this. and your hard work is not in vain.

    1. basicsoffaith says:

      Thank you! And yes God has blessed us in many ways….more than we can count.

  2. hannahharrison7 says:

    A friend of mine who recently started coming to my church said that she is your friend and said I should check out your blog. I read a few of your posts and let me just say you have a true gift of really spreading the Word of God. We need more people like you to spread his Gospel. I enjoy reading your posts. They are so comforting and heart warming. God Bless You!

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