Jesus’ Ministry (Miracles & Signs)

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he performed many signs and miracles for the people to see and that the Gospels record. Although the word “performed” has a show or acting connotation to it, the miracles Jesus did were the complete opposite. Jesus did not do things for show or to wow a crowd, he did them for many reasons that were to point people to Himself and the Father. 

At this time, we are not going to walk through every miracle Jesus did, (though it would be fun to do). However, we are going to discuss the kinds of miracles Jesus did and why they were significant. Jesus was always trying to tell us something greater than the miracle itself, so let’s dig into the truth behind the miracles. 

One of the most common miracles Jesus did, was the miracle of healing people from physical suffering. Whether it be blindness, lameness, muteness, bleeding, Jesus could heal them all. Take the paralytic in Matthew 9 for example. A man paralyzed was brought to Jesus and he forgave the man’s sins and healed him. This was to show that Jesus had authority to forgive sins (Matthew 9:6). The blind men in verse 29 of Matthew 9 were healed according to their faith as was the Centurion in Matthew 8. This shows that Jesus is teaching us that our faith can do amazing things for us, even if we believe a little. Faith can go a long way in our physical and spiritual lives. 

Jesus even went so far as to raise people from the dead such as his friend Lazarus in John 11. Lazarus died and Jesus raised him up so that he could prove that He has power over death and that He is the resurrection (John 11:25). Those who saw this believed that Jesus was the Son and Savior of the world, again proving there was a purpose for the miracle. 

Jesus also cast out demons from those suffering from their possession. In these stories, even the demons know who Jesus is and they admit it (Mark 1:24). Jesus casts them out, proving that He is Lord over all evil and is against all that evil stands for.  

There are other miracles as well besides the sick being healed. There are miracles such as Jesus walking on water or he calms a raging storm with a word. Jesus is Lord over creation and the disciples know this because of what He does (Mark 4:41). These miracles also probe us to believe in Jesus and have faith that He can provide for our every need and he can save us from trouble like in the feeding of the 5,000. Jesus miraculously feeds a huge crowd with little food, proving that He can provide no matter the situation. 

A lot of the miracles Jesus performed had a greater truth attached. Jesus is the Son of God and if we have faith in Him, He will rescue us, heal us, provide for our needs, and that we need to love one another. Jesus proved His identity and authority through these miracles, but there is a response that we need to have. Are we going to reject Him, or are we going to believe and have faith because we know He is Jesus, our Savior? Jesus always gives us a choice, and it’s up to us to respond to the wonderful miracles of Jesus. 

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