Church (Leadership)

Leadership in the church is just as important as the church itself. Leadership can run a group of people into the ground or build up a church. When Paul was helping establish a church in Ephesus, he made sure Timothy knew exactly what needed to be done, so he started with leadership. 

Church (Introduction)

When it comes to church, people have opinions about what church should be. They either have opinions based on what they have heard church should be like or traditions they experienced in church. The Bible has a lot to say about what church is and what it should be like. To introduce this series, we’re…


Judgment is one of those things that everyone does, yet does not like it when someone passes it on them. It is an ironic process that happens because we want to put ourselves in a higher status in our mind than someone else. We even do it subconsciously and don’t even realize it. The Bible…

Faith (Jesus’ Perspective)

In the last article, we discussed faith. Particularly we discussed what real, strong faith should look like in our lives. We used three Old Testament examples to show what weak, bold, and strong faiths look like. This time, we are going to look at what Jesus has to say about our faith and how it…

Passion Week

As the Friday before Easter is upon us, I want to take some time to reflect on the events that happened that started this Easter holiday season. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is no doubt the greatest blessing anyone could ever receive. I would like to take a few moments to reflect on…

Faith v.s. Faith (Hebrew Bible)

When we speak of faith, a lot of things can come to mind. Certain traits may come to mind or even certain people who we believe had great faith may come to mind as well. In this study, I want us to better understand what faith looks like when life happens to godly people. What…

I AM…The Way, Truth & Life

In our last article of this series, we are going to look at one of the most significant “I Am” statements in my opinion that Jesus ever stated. It comes in John 14 so let’s gain some background on this statement. 

I AM…The Vine

Jesus has said many things that He is as we have discovered over this series. He is many things and they mean something in context of his teachings and even today. This time we are going to look at when Jesus calls himself the vine and what that means for us. Let’s dig in. 

I AM…The Resurrection

Jesus felt many of the same emotions we feel on a daily basis. One of those emotions is grief from the loss of a loved one. Jesus experiences this too as his friend Lazarus has died. Jesus goes to the place where he lay to go raise him from the dead. Martha comes to Jesus…

I AM…The Gate/Shepherd

When it comes to analogies and examples, Jesus is a master speaker. He can use so many practical examples to help us understand kingdom things. In today’s statement, Jesus uses an analogy to help us understand better who He is and what his mission to earth is all about.