Gospel Series: Sin

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message we could ever hear. It is the message that brings salvation, hope, and life. In this short gospel series, we are going to break down each component of the gospel message to look at it from a deeper standpoint. I hope this series will help…

Prophets: Jesus

We have been studying prophets in the Bible and their role and purpose in the Scriptures. We started at the beginning, with Abraham and have worked our way through the many different characters and roles prophets have played throughout history. This time we will conclude our study with the ultimate prophet who we’ve been waiting…


Many times, people do things to us or someone we love that can cause bitterness or resentment towards that person. We have this anger and hatred towards a person because of their words or actions and we hold the grudge against them. Sometimes it is more than a grudge, a scar they may leave depending…

Prophets: The Major Prophets

When most people think of prophets, they think of what we call the major prophets. Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are common perceptions of prophets. Most people think that these prophets predicted events that happened in the future and they take up a big chunk of the Old Testament in our Bibles. To some,

Prophets: Judges, Speakers, and Miracles

Now that we have talked about Abraham and Moses, the first and great prophets, we can move on into more prophets of the Bible. These prophets appear in many forms and we start to see a greater role that these prophets play through the middle of the Hebrew Bible. Let’s continue our study. 

Prophets: Origin and Mission

As we enter our study of the prophets, it is important that we clear our minds of any known conceptions we have about biblical prophets. Although we may know some things about prophets, these can get in the way of understanding new information we may discover through this study. We are going to start at…

Christmas: Emmanuel

One of my favorite names Jesus is called by is the name, “Emmanuel” and it means “God with us”. I find no greater hope, encouragement, and joy than in the name Emmanuel. This name literally means that God is among us and He is dwelling among us. Though this is also an old name.

Prophets: Introduction

Prophets in the Bible are seen in many different lights and perspectives across a variety of cultures and contexts. In the modern-Western culture, prophets of old are often seen as fortune tellers and those who could predict future events. Usually these events were not depicted in the most positive ways and were often predictions of…

Parables of Jesus (The Ten Minas)

The parable of the ten minas is a very similar parable to one we have already discussed in the parable of the talents. In Luke 19, where the ten minas parable takes place, some context is given that is not as clear as in Matthew 25 and thus it is worth looking over. These parables…


Since today is the election, I thought it would be good for us to review some biblical perspectives on government and politics as we vote and await the results of this year’s election.