Character of God (Compassion)

In this new series, we are going to be studying the character of God. Trying to describe an immortal spiritual being might sound complex but this is a rather simple task. Yahweh, the God of the Bible and King of the universe, actually gives us a description of himself. He gives us his own description…

Gospel of Matthew: Commentary

The Book of Matthew 1:1-17 Genealogy of Jesus. Starting with Abraham, father of the Jews. 14 generations. A sign of completeness (7) doubled. Matthew starts out by highlighting the Abrahamic covenant, the Davidic covenant, and the new covenant through Jesus in v.1. 

Image of God (Jesus)

When it comes to being images of God, we all fail to act as we should representing God. Thankfully a human came along that restores us to what we were meant to be, his name is Jesus. 

Image of God: 3 Commands

In our first article of this series, we discussed what it meant to be made in the image of God. This time, we are going to discuss three commands that God gave all humans. These commands are meant to help us fulfill the role and identity of being made in His image. They are to…

Image of God

The image of God is one of the first human identities the Bible gives us. The concept of being made in his image and what that looks like starts in Genesis and continues today. In this series, we are going to look at what is the image of God, what it means, and what it…

Word Series- “Covenant”

The word covenant appears all throughout Scripture. It is a word that drives the biblical story from Creation, to Jesus, and still today. If this word appears so often, it should deem a closer look and study. Today we are going to explore this word and its roots.