I Am…Sending

In our last study of our “I Am” series we looked at how Jesus says he is willing to heal us and help us in our struggles. This time, we will look at a command Jesus gives his followers and what it means for us now. 

I Am…Willing

When Jesus spoke, he proclaimed and taught boldly. There are many times when Jesus says important things and he often repeats them for emphasis. One phrase he says often is “I am…” and then follows with something that he claims he is or does. Jesus says this time and time again and we are going…

Second Coming of Christ

The coming of Jesus is something that we should all be anticipating as followers of Jesus. Along with this, we should be clear on what the coming of Jesus means and what will happen at this time. There is a lot of confusion and debates surrounding the second coming of Christ but Scripture is clear…


Here are some notes from a sermon I wrote on the topic of wisdom and gaining godly wisdom.


Many times in our lives, we will go through tests. These situations often bring hardship and struggle to our lives and it is all done with a purpose: to test our faith and devotion to our Lord Jesus.

Gospel Series: Jesus Comes

Last time, we discussed the effects of sin and the problem in the world. In the biblical story we have been looking for a savior to come and restore God’s people once again. We have been lost and looking for the perfect Messiah. At the beginning of the New Testament, we see a character emerge…

Gospel Series: Sin

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message we could ever hear. It is the message that brings salvation, hope, and life. In this short gospel series, we are going to break down each component of the gospel message to look at it from a deeper standpoint. I hope this series will help…

Prophets: Jesus

We have been studying prophets in the Bible and their role and purpose in the Scriptures. We started at the beginning, with Abraham and have worked our way through the many different characters and roles prophets have played throughout history. This time we will conclude our study with the ultimate prophet who we’ve been waiting…


Many times, people do things to us or someone we love that can cause bitterness or resentment towards that person. We have this anger and hatred towards a person because of their words or actions and we hold the grudge against them. Sometimes it is more than a grudge, a scar they may leave depending…

Prophets: The Major Prophets

When most people think of prophets, they think of what we call the major prophets. Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are common perceptions of prophets. Most people think that these prophets predicted events that happened in the future and they take up a big chunk of the Old Testament in our Bibles. To some,