Passion Week

As the Friday before Easter is upon us, I want to take some time to reflect on the events that happened that started this Easter holiday season. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is no doubt the greatest blessing anyone could ever receive. I would like to take a few moments to reflect on a few events leading up to his death. 

The night that Jesus was betrayed and arrested, John’s gospel records a prayer of Jesus’ in John 15. It is a three-fold prayer in which the power goes beyond the words spoken. Jesus first prays for himself (vv1-5). He then prays for his disciples who have been with him (vv6-19). Then he finishes his prayer by praying for everyone who believes the Good News (vv20-26). Jesus is providing us an incredible example of faith. Jesus knows what is about to happen. He knows he is about to be betrayed by his own, beaten, and crucified. So what does Jesus do? He prays. He prays for himself and for everyone else and still has the big picture in mind as to why He must go through these things. This is an incredible prayer and example to us. 

The night before his arrest, Jesus does something else that is an example of faith in hard times. He eats. More than this, he eats the Passover meal with his disciples one last time telling them what is about to take place. He tells them that the bread now represents his body (Matthew 26:26), and that the fruit of the vine is his blood (v28). Jesus gives new meaning to an ancient meal and provides fellowship amid a time of sorrow.  

Despite all of the trial and agony Jesus was about to endure, he still took time to pray and to fellowship with his followers. This is an example for us when we are going through hard times. We pray to our Father and fellowship with His church and fellow believers. This provides encouragement and clarity even in the toughest situations. Now we celebrate his resurrection which provides eternal life for all who believe. John 11:25-26

Timeline of The Last Week: 

The Triumphal Entry

Curse of the Fig Tree

Jesus Clears the Temple

Jesus Anointed

The Last Supper


Jesus’ Arrest and Trial




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