Weekly Message- Ephesians Ch.1


Background: Paul is the author of this letter written to the Ephesians, or the church at Ephesus. 

Chapter 1

1:1-3 God has blessed those in Christ with every spiritual gift they will ever need. The “heavenly realms” mentioned here most likely is referring to the realm where God and his angelic beings reside. Interesting to note that Paul says God has blessed in that realm instead of here on earth. I think the purpose for writing this way is to show that through Christ, we are a part of that realm and a part of it lives within us through the Spirit. He has blessed us in that realm which in turn helps us here because that realm is a part of us.

1:4-6 To be chosen or predestined does not mean that there are those that will accept Christ but won’t be accepted by Him because they weren’t chosen. That will just not happen. All who come to Christ are chosen so that we could become “sons” through Christ. This is all because of God’s grace and love and the result is holiness. 

1:7-12 These are all the blessings that come through Christ. We have forgiveness of sins. He even made known the mystery that heaven and earth will be gathered together under one head. We were chosen so that we could be the praise of his glory. 

1:13-14 Blessings we have through the Spirit are mentioned here. We are included in Christ, we become a part of the kingdom, when we believe the gospel message and believe. Then we will receive the Holy Spirit because the Spirit is the promise of eternal life. 

1:15-23 Because of everything Paul has said, he has not stopped giving thanks for the people he is writing to. Paul asks for certain things for them…that they may receive the Spirit of wisdom and that the eyes of their hearts may be enlightened. He asks for these things so that they will know God better and to know the hope, riches, and power of God. This same power is like God’s strength which he used to raise Christ from the dead and seat Him at His right hand. The church is the fullness of Christ. 

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