Jesus- is he important?

Is Jesus important? Well i can tell you that out of all the role models to choose from he is the one to follow. But, let me give you some reasons why.

First off, he is the perfect example for us to imitate. Isaiah 53:9 “Because, he committed no sin, Nor was guile found in his mouth.” He was without sin. No man has ever lived and will never live without sin. Jesus is the only one who did. Matthew 16:24 Jesus told his disciples to follow him, and we should do the same.

He was God’s son, what better example for someone to follow than that. He taught us how to handle evil, handle temptation, how to deal with enemies. Jesus came to save all from sin and he died for all. He died for the people who didn’t care about and the ones who would never know him. That’s an example that we should all follow.

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