Jesus Our Friend

Jesus….the name above all names. King above all kings.
The Messiah, the Alpha, the Omega, and our Savior and Lord.

Jesus….our friend, the one who will never leave us, or forsake us. The one who died for all, even for the ones who didn’t believe.

Do you have a friend like that? One who could die and be risen three days later, and could heal the sick with a touch of his finger. One that could calm a storm with the word “cease”.

He was the perfect example. Blameless, and sinless. No other man has ever done that or will ever do that. Imagine him, sitting at the right hand of God. His clothes bright as lightning and white as snow.

Wouldn’t it be unbelievable, to be able to see him face to face. To be able to touch his face. To be able to touch his nail pierced hands. Why wouldn’t anyone want to follow this magnificent man and want to be like him. Ask yourself, why?

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