Church…. More than just a routine?

Some people go to church to sing their favorite songs or to listen to a sermon. But, what is the real reason we are there. Well the answer is simple, we go there to worship God. Many verses in the bible say that we are to worship God. 1 Chronicles 16:9 says that we are to sing praises to him and meditate on his wondrous works. Psalm 34:3 says that we should exalt his name together. But we are also commanded to take the lord’s supper on the first day of the week (Mark 14:22-25). So, if you come to church thinking that you have to come then you’re coming with the wrong attitude. God wants us to worship him with humble hearts and with joy. And wanting to have his word taught to us with attentive ears.

God gave us a choice to listen to him or not? But don’t come with the mindset of “Here goes another wasted Sunday at church”. Think of it as “Yes, another day to worship God.” And church isn’t the only place you can worship God. You can do it at your home. Wanting to be there and wanting to worship is what God likes. So, just remember “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, and soul” Matthew 22:37.

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