I Am…Gentle

In our series, “I Am…”, we have looked at two instances where Jesus says that He is something. This time around, we will look at a time when Jesus tells us that he is gentle and humble. We will look at why Jesus said this and what it means for us. 

Mark Ch. 2

Chapter 2 2:1-5 The crowds around Jesus were growing by the day. They were so large that people were standing outside the house he was in just to hear him preach. Four men carried a fifth man, paralyzed, and they worked hard to get him to Jesus. They dug a hole in the roof and…

Mark Ch.1

Mark 1 1:1-8 Mark starts out his gospel account by using a hyperlink back to the prophets. He uses a passage from Isaiah about a messenger and tells how this is the beginning of the good news.  He then introduces this messenger as John the Baptist. John comes before Jesus but he makes sure the…

I Am…Sending

In our last study of our “I Am” series we looked at how Jesus says he is willing to heal us and help us in our struggles. This time, we will look at a command Jesus gives his followers and what it means for us now. 

I Am…Willing

When Jesus spoke, he proclaimed and taught boldly. There are many times when Jesus says important things and he often repeats them for emphasis. One phrase he says often is “I am…” and then follows with something that he claims he is or does. Jesus says this time and time again and we are going…

The Test

Here is a video by Bible Project about the theme of testing in the Bible.

Second Coming of Christ

The coming of Jesus is something that we should all be anticipating as followers of Jesus. Along with this, we should be clear on what the coming of Jesus means and what will happen at this time. There is a lot of confusion and debates surrounding the second coming of Christ but Scripture is clear…


Here are some notes from a sermon I wrote on the topic of wisdom and gaining godly wisdom.


Many times in our lives, we will go through tests. These situations often bring hardship and struggle to our lives and it is all done with a purpose: to test our faith and devotion to our Lord Jesus.

John 8: Judgement and Grace

Jesus and the Adulterous Woman Today we are going to discover a story that should grab our attention and “wake us up” so to speak every time we read it. This story comes out of the gospel of John and we are going to look at this story from three different lenses. The lens of…