Weekly Message: Ezekiel 33-39

  1. Restoration for Israel 33-39
    1. Ezekiel once more becomes a “watchman” for Israel and gives them God’s warnings. But Jerusalem falls  and the leaders of Israel have failed at being shepherds. This is why God says he is to be our shepherd. We are his sheep and he will give us safety and protection. Human leaders will result in destruction (just like the fall) but God is our judge. The restoration of Israel is proclaimed in a great sign when God allows dry bones to become flesh and breath enters them and they live. This gives hope to a unified nation of Israel under the Messianic ruler under a new covenant. The battle against Gog (same in Revelation) describes an apocalyptic battle that is God’s power against the power of the nations. The nations will ultimately fall and victory will come to God’s people.

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