Weekly Message (Isaiah 1-6)

Throughout this new year, we are going to be doing a sectional study of books of the Bible. We are going to start with the major prophets, specifically with Isaiah. By breaking this scroll into literary sections, we can see certain themes and messages Yahweh is trying to convey through his prophet.

Each week will be new section. This week, we start with the first section of Isaiah, chapters 1-6.

Part 1: Judgment 1-39

  1. Judgments and Promises 1-6
    1. This book was a vision of what Isaiah saw that had to do with Judea and Jerusalem as its audience. It starts with a judgment call against Israel being rebellious but that one day many people (Jew and Gentile) will go to the “mountain” to worship and serve Yahweh. What follows is a description of the day of the Lord in judgment upon the rebellious. More judgments follow until we reach a time when the “Branch”- Jesus will reign in Zion. More woes and judgments follow and end with the commission of Isaiah to pronounce these judgments on Israel. Judgment is coming but the “holy seed” will be the stump and the hope of those who remain faithful to Yahweh. 

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