Mark Ch.1

Mark 1


Mark starts out his gospel account by using a hyperlink back to the prophets. He uses a passage from Isaiah about a messenger and tells how this is the beginning of the good news. 

He then introduces this messenger as John the Baptist. John comes before Jesus but he makes sure the people know, Jesus is coming and he is bringing the Holy Spirit. 


Mark transitions to a story about Jesus being baptized by John. Then, being led by the Spirit, he goes into the wilderness (a place of chaos- hints the note of wild animals) to be tempted by Satan. 


Mark comes right out at the beginning of his account to record exactly what Jesus was here for. Mark assumes the reader has been waiting for the Messiah, the one the prophets have spoken of. So he makes known that this is the time they’ve been waiting for. The kingdom of God is here and we should repent and believe. 


Jesus calls Simon and Andrew, two fisherman, to be his disciples. James and John also follow him and even leave their father in the boat! Jesus is now gathering disciples to prepare people for the kingdom being preached which he just announced was here. 


Jesus starts teaching in the synagogue and impresses everyone. There is a difference between him and the teachers of that time that people notice. He also drives out demons here, Jesus’ first act Mark records. This is to show that Jesus even has authority over evil and that he is who he says he is. People start talking and soon the whole region has heard of him. 


Jesus goes back with the four disciples mentioned above and he heals Simon’s mother-in-law. Once everyone hears of what Jesus can do, they all start to go to him for healing. Jesus wanted to keep his identity a secret, which is why he would not let the demons speak. Mark even shows us that the demons knew who he was, which creates a contrast between them and humans who don’t believe.


Jesus goes off to pray by himself. He even left at dark so no one would follow him. This allows us to see how important prayer is, even Jesus did it. He then tells the disciples they should go and preach since that is why he came. So he goes throughout Galilee doing so. 


Jesus heals a man with leprosy. Since this man had leprosy, he was announced unclean and was not to get near people. This man obviously had enough faith because he knew he could heal him, if he was willing. Jesus was willing and healed him. 

However, Jesus tells the man not to tell anyone, but to go to the priests and follow the law. Instead, the man goes out freely and spreads the news. The exact opposite of what he was told. As a result, Jesus kept outside of the towns and the people started coming to him from all places. 

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