Weekly Message: Ephesians Ch. 2

2:1-3 All of us were dead in our sins. We followed the ways of Satan and the sinful nature. We were deserving of death in the way we USED to live. 

2:4-7 Because of God’s love, mercy, and grace, He made us alive with Christ. Just as Christ was raised, we also will be raised to eternal life. Being made alive in Christ means we are given a new spirit, the Holy Spirit, to make us alive. 

2:8-10 We have been saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus. It is a gift from God. This gift of salvation is not a result of anything we did or will ever do. We have not been saved because of something we did but because of what God has done for us. We are created to do good works in Christ because of what he has done for us.  

2:11-22 The Gentiles were separated from the Jews before Jesus entered the picture. But now, because of the blood of Christ, they have been brought near. They have become one body and that is the church. The cross was the end of hostility between peoples and the beginning of unity. We are being built to become a dwelling place for God in which He lives by His Spirit.

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