The Law

The old law can seem like the most useless text in the BIble. It is often a hard read with boring laws about sacrifices and blueprints for buildings and artifacts. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and oftentimes, we find ourselves skipping right over the laws to get to the “good stuff”. However, there are so many cool things in the law and it is easier to understand the law if we break it down into sections. The following link is a document from the Bible Project and it breaks down the laws from Leviticus to better understand the laws and how they work.

Click to access 5-Leviticus-Study-Guide.pdf

The law was set in place not as a comprehensive law code for the people of Israel to follow. rather, it was a set of moral and ritual standards to which they were held too. The law was about loving God and loving your neighbor and by following the law, the people of Israel would act, speak, and think differently than all the other nations. The law is not the same as our Constitution or State Constitutions are here in the United States. Not every single law or forbidden and allowed action is in the 613 commands of the Torah. Only the standards that provide a basis for moral uprightness and ritual purity and blueprints for buildings are given. The law was not made to condemn. It was given to show the people how to make right with God, until Jesus came.      

When we put the laws into categories, it makes it easier to see how they fit together. When organized in this fashion, it is easier to see how Jesus fits into the picture and why he came and did what he did. After reading this document, you can go to my articles about the new covenant and old covenant and how Jesus is the embodiment of the old covenant while also being the embodiment of the new covenant. Those links are here.

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