Heaven is a place that the young and old dream about. A place of happiness, peace, and everlasting joy. A place where Jesus sits at the right hand of God.
It is described as a place made of jewels and walls made of pearls. A place that we cannot describe or comprehend with the minds God gave us.
I imagine heaven, as a beautiful place in the sky with everything white as snow. Then, in the distance you can see the greatest most marvelous thing you will ever see. The thrown of God and Jesus seated next to him. With doves and angels hovering over them. Their clothes were bright as lightning and were white as snow.
Its a long terrible road to get to this extraordinary place. But once we have pushed through the struggles of life and have received this place as our reward. There will be no more struggles, no more pain, or sorrow. It will be the sweetest thing we have ever seen.

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