Parables of Jesus (Cloth/Wineskins)

Jesus’ parables about cloth and wineskins can seem insignificant and out of place without the proper context. We’re going to look at this parable and why it was so important to the teachings of Jesus and why the people then, and us now, need to hear it. 

Jesus- The New Covenant

  Jesus the New Covenant The word “covenant” means an agreement or a coming together. The Old Testament is looked at as the old covenant and the New Testament as the new covenant.

The New Covenant vs The Old Covenant

The study of the covenants between man and God is an intriguing one. There are many questions though concerning this topic. Questions like, “What is the difference between the old and new?” “Why was there a need for a new one?” “When did the new covenant take place or has it taken place yet?” All…