People of Faith (Abigail & Mary)

We have looked at several people, men and women, who have had their opportunity in the faith spotlight. They have taken a situation that seemed hopeless and had faith in God. We are going to look at a few more examples of faith that serve as a reminder that God can do anything. 

People of Faith (Rahab & Hannah)

In our series on people of faith, we have looked at a few ordinary people who showed great amounts of faith and courage that inspire us today. Today we are going to look at a few more examples of female faith and the takeaways we gain from these stories. 

People of Faith (Naaman & Josiah)

In the Bible we have all kinds of people that show certain characteristics that should be examples to us. We have been going through a series of looking at these people and learning from them. We first learned from Reuben’s experience. Now we will learn from two other men, Naaman and Josiah. 

People of Faith (Reuben)

There are people in the Bible we all know and love. Abraham, Moses, David, and so many others. We tell children stories of these people and their heroic acts. However, there are some lesser known people in the Bible that don’t get as much credit as they deserve. They can teach us many things about…

Love Goals (Sincere Faith)

We are in the final part of our series on the parts of love. We have been using 1 Timothy 1:5 as our baseline for the aspects of life that make up love. So far we have looked at a pure heart and a good conscience. To conclude, I want to talk about a sincere…

Faith (Jesus’ Perspective)

In the last article, we discussed faith. Particularly we discussed what real, strong faith should look like in our lives. We used three Old Testament examples to show what weak, bold, and strong faiths look like. This time, we are going to look at what Jesus has to say about our faith and how it…

Parables of Jesus (The Builders)

In this article we will discuss the parable of the wise and foolish builders. It is a parable Jesus used to teach on the importance of faith, foundation, and himself. Let’s dig in to this parable. 

Armor of God (part 1)

What exactly is the armor of God? Do we have to dress up as a soldier? The armor of God is often talked about in bible class, sermons, and Sunday school. It is represented many times as a soldier with all this armor on, like one ready for battle. Although these are great visuals for…

Faith and Works

In the Christian world, we talk a lot about faith. Faith is something we all talk about having and possessing and yet it seems to have lost its meaning. In this short study, we’re going to revisit exactly what faith should be and what it looks like to those around us.